Misleading Advertising of Risperdal Catches up to Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Since the antipsychotic drug Risperdal, millions of young boys used it to help control their schizophrenia, anxiety, dementia, bipolar disorder, depression, and autism symptoms. Now, the drug’s manufacture, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc, finds itself in a position where it owes many of these young men a large settlement.


The settlement revolves around the fact that after they began taking the drug, many of these young adolescents developed gynecomastia.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently admitted that they’d agreed to a $181 million settlement that would paid to victims in the District of Columbia as well as 36 other states, including South Carolina. During the announcement, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. refused to admit that they’d done anything wrong, though they did admit to adjust their advertising so that it was free of false information about the Risperdal, which seems to be an admission of guilt to the claims that not only were doctors encouraged to prescribe it to patients who had been diagnosed with medical conditions the drug hadn’t been approved to treat, but that the drug was also improperly marketed.

risperdal (1)This could be just the tip of the iceberg for Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. It’s rumored that the results of a federal investigation into the use of the drug could result in a $1.5 billion fine being levied against the manufacture and if the company has to pay a settlement on each of the cases currently filed in South Carolina, the cost could easily exceed $327 million.

“The company is being hit from a number of different directions on this drug,” says Brian J. McCormick Jr., an attorney working on behalf of victims in this particular personal injury case explains.  “Johnson & Johnson was out promoting Risperdal for children and adolescents even though the FDA hadn’t approved it yet. Children and adolescent males were especially susceptible to the injuries that could be caused by Risperdal.”

According to the legal teams of the individuals in South Carolina who have filed civil suits against Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., the types of side effects experienced by the adolescent boys who used Risperdal are quite alarming. They include gynecomastia, intestinal disorders, sexual problems, increased feelings of aggression and anxiety, and diabetes.

“This is a perfect example of why I chose to become a personal injury lawyer,” Joseph Sandefur of South Carolina’s top personal injury firm Joe and Martin explains. “When someone has to watch their child suffer as a result of a mediation that was supposed to help that child function better in society, it’s easy for everyone to feel very alone and like they don’t have a voice. It’s my job to help them understand that it’s well within their rights to fight back against the large pharmaceutical companies.”


Legally, all pharmaceutical companies are required to be honest when they put together promotional material for a medication such as Risperdal. The marketing material must make the potential side effect connected to the drug very clear and it can’t encourage doctors or patients to use the medication for anything other than what the FDA has approved it to treat.



Food Storage System Raises Concerns about Whole Foods Products and the Possibility of Food Poisoning


In its marketing material, Whole Foods does a wonderful job of billing themselves as “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store” but many have started to question the validity of the slogan.

Whole Foods has always come under fire for having prices that seem over inflated. Things weren’t helped when the company was put under investigation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) who had been told by consumers that the pre-packaged meats were often marked with the wrong weight measurements. The CEO’s didn’t refute the accusations, they simply called the issue a mistake.

1454174128-thucphamngodoc2Prior to that, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Monica’s City Attorneys agreed to allow the company to pay an $800,000 settlement to resolve the matter of failing to consider the weight of containers when they measured food products at their salad bars.

On June 8, the FDA sent a warning letter to Whole Foods warning them that the way they were packaging, storing, and even manufacturing foods created an environment for the microorganisms that trigger potentially fatal bouts of food poisoning to flourish.

The warning letter was triggered after a series of inspections were completed in February of the

One of the 70,000-square foot facility Whole Foods uses to store supplies used by 74 stores in 8 different states. According to the inspections, there was a significant amount of condensation dripping from the ceiling. The report also mentions dishes stored near food, that some of the sinks didn’t have hot water taps.

The conditions in the warehouse could explain why Whole Foods needed to issue a recall on curry chicken salad and pasta salad which contained the bacterium Listeria. These items were stored in the same facility that drew the FDA’s attention.

Food_inspection_vladteodor_Fotolia_large “Food poisoning is such a dangerous thing to deal with an it’s difficult to let the public know about food recalls before the individual has consumed whatever they’ve purchased. As a result, people are often sick and in the hospital before the average consumer realizes there is even a problem.”

Whole-Foods-Older-Store-Sales-435x295It’s important to understand that stores such as Whole Foods are responsible for making sure the products they sell are safe from consumption. Food poisoning is a very serious thing. Not only can it lead to an emergency room visit for treatment, but it can also be fatal. Some people become so violently ill that they aren’t even able to contact anyone and let them know they need help.

If you have been the victim of food poisoning as a result of food that wasn’t properly prepared or stored while it was in the care of a grocery store or restaurant, you should contact a personal injury attorney who will guide you through the steps you need to take so you can get a settlement that will cover your medical expenses and reimburse you for your pain and suffering.


Not So Subtle Air Advertisement Lands Company in Hot Water

After years of conflict, a Myrtle Beach advertising company took extreme measures to collect unpaid bills from Club Space. Aerial Banners, Inc. alleges that Club Space would not pay up for using the banner service in the past. According to the company, Club Space has been late before, but usually settles their bill eventually. After waiting for a bill to paid one too many times, the advertising agency flew a banner across Myrtle Beach that stated, “Club Space – Please pay your banner bill!”


Club Space states that the allegations being lodged against them are complete nonsense. They are taking the issue to court and stating that the aerial ad company is committing slander and libel against them.

“They’re always behind but they usually always pay,” stated the person who runs the company, Dana Benyo. “They were typically always six months to a year behind in all honesty,” states Bob, Dana Benyo’s husband who helps to run the company.

The attorney for Club Space claims that Aerial Banners, Inc. is not owed any money from his client. He states that this is simply case of sour grapes because Club Space decided to use a different company for their aerial advertisements.

“The false and defamatory statement “CLUB SPACE – PLEASE PAY YOUR BANNER BILL!” which was flown on April 1, 2016 in Myrtle Beach County, Florida is false defamatory and malicious and was intended as such by both Defendants,” states the lawsuit. “Additionally, Defendant converted to their own use the advertising banner flown by the Defendants which is the property of Plaintiff, Club Space Management, LLC and refuses to return same despite demand.”

Bob Benyo states that the club did not pay for the ads they recently flew and that this was simply an attempt to collect on that debt. Bob says that they attempted to collect for an invoice for the last three or four years.


Dana and Bob say that their frustration finally peaked and this is when they decided to use an aerial banner ad as a form of debt collection. Dana said, “You know, if somebody doesn’t return your calls and your emails, you’ve got to get their attention.

It appears and Bob and Dana’s wishes were granted because they certainly caught the attention of Space.

“While freedom of speech is protected by the United States Constitution, it is important to know when the words someone says or writes can actually get them into trouble with the law,” says Joe and Martin, a Myrtle Beach personal injury law firm attorneys and managing partner. “It is important to understand libel and slander and make sure that what someone says or does will not fall into either since both can come with liability.” More information you can find at myrtlebeach.joeandmartin.com.

Club Space is currently suing Bob and Dana for what they allege to be damages that exceed $15,000. However, the business-owning couple claim that they are not spooked by the lawsuit that is being lodged against them. Bob stated that they will fly more banners in an attempt to collect the alleged debt until a judge states he must stop.

Bob also states that he will counter sue the company for the money they allegedly owe for using the aerial banner service. Who is right? This question is leave to be answer by the authority and government, by conducting a 100% clear investigation and gathering all the relevant information and tips that can lead to a resolve.