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Chapter 5: Technology and Privacy

Chapter 5: Technology and Privacy

Computer Technology to Balance Accountability and Anonymity in Self-regulatory Privacy Regimes (1)

Lance J. Hoffman Karen A. Metivier Carreiro Cyberspace Policy Institute, class of Engineering and used Science The George Washington University Washington, DC 20052

As well as the generally speaking accepted concept of privacy as ” the best to be left alone, ” privacy has grown to become a “broad, all-encompassing concept that envelops a complete host of peoples issues about different types of intrusive behavior, including wiretapping, surreptitious real surveillance, and mail interception. People claim the right of privacy for the extremely number of dilemmas through the directly to exercise contraception or have an abortion off to the straight to keep bank documents confidential” Flaherty 1989. In modern times, these claims have actually expanded to include the ability to keep a person’s path of sites checked out in the Around The Globe internet private.

So that you can implement “privacy” in some type of computer system, we are in need of an even more accurate meaning. We need to determine whenever and under just exactly just what conditions to provide away information that is personal. (more…)