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I believe age becomes less of an problem once you’re around 30.

I believe age becomes less of an problem once you’re around 30.

The poster appropriate above me personally whom commented which he dated somebody 10 years more youthful as he ended up being 55 just isn’t experiencing much of an age gap. I am aware a good amount of individuals who’ve dated up or down a decade once they’ve passed 30, plus it ended up being no big deal.

I often dated anywhere between 8 and 15 years older, and that’s a major age gap when you’re that young when I was in college, though. The seniors I became dating all had something in keeping: they certainly were really immature because of their age. They are able to not relate genuinely to their same-age peers. They regularly went for much more youthful partners because emotionally, these were in the level that is same.

The age gap that is worst we experienced ended up being a guy 15 years my senior whenever we had been 23. He kept growing older and their girlfriends kept getting more youthful . He liked the ability imbalance within the relationship because they were not as far into their careers as he was, he outearned them, etc— he liked being a daddy to these young women, and felt powerful. This made me extremely uncomfortable, specially when he began commenting regarding the shabby apartment we rented — what i really could manage to my basic level income — and said i will “ask my father for the money. ” ( Exactly Exactly What? Why? We had been pleased with making my way that is own. It finished, needless to say, and then he pranked me personally over email months directly after we split up. Certain, age-wise, he had been very nearly 40. However in numerous ways, he previously the maturity that is emotional of teenager.

I would personallyn’t wish to date a much older guy these full times, with one exclusion: Iggy Pop. And that’s because he’s Iggy Pop. Everybody i am aware, male and female, wouldn’t mind rendering it with Iggy Pop!

I believe more youthful women are interested in older males for similar reasons any ladies are interested in any guys: it fulfills some part of whatever script that is dating running on. (more…)