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Sacred Heart College Of Lucena City, Inc

Sacred Heart College Of Lucena City, Inc

Sad to state, the Solicitor General selected to aim for one of the best of all worlds in making representations about the creation and the character of the Commission. We can’t allow this strategy to pass unnoticed and with out the observations it deserves. To make sure, the Philippine scenario proper now is far from the situations in South Africa, Rwanda, and South America,87 where quick transitional justice88 had to be achieved as a end result of these nations have been coming from a interval of non-democratic rule and their desired justice systems were not but absolutely in place. This actuality removes any justification for the President to resort to extralegal measures and to institutions and mechanisms outside of these already in place, in continuing against grafters within the previous administration. Second, the Truth Commission, as created by the EO, appears to be a separate body82 that’s clearly beyond being merely a bunch of people tasked by the President to perform a selected task within his immediate office; its members don’t operate in the greatest way that presidential assistants and consultants usually do.

Prior thereto, also upon directive of the President, the Commission could publish such special interim reports it might issue from time to time. – The Commission shall at all times seek to guarantee the safety of the persons known as to testify and, if necessary make arrangements to secure the assistance and cooperation of the Philippine National Police and different acceptable government businesses. 79 Subject to affordable conditions prescribed by legislation, the State adopts and implements a coverage of full public disclosure of all its transactions involving public interest.

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These are not solely cheap but additionally compelling grounds for the Truth Commission to prioritize the investigation of the Arroyo administration. To prioritize primarily based on reasonable and even compelling grounds is to not discriminate, however to behave sensibly and responsibly. The worry that the common public will routinely understand the findings of the Truth Commission because the "reality," and any subsequent opposite findings by the Ombudsman or Sandiganbayan as the "untruth," is misplaced. First, EO 1 is unequivocally clear that the findings of the Truth Commission are neither last nor binding on the Ombudsman, more so on the Sandiganbayan which is not even mentioned in EO 1. No one studying EO 1 can possibly be deceived or misled that the Ombudsman or the Sandiganbayan are certain by the findings of the Truth Commission. Where within the Executive Order is it said that has a quasi-judicial power?

  • Again it’s true that the Organic Law contains no such explicit prohibitions.
  • Impossible circumstances, like requiring the investigation of "earlier past administrations," are disallowed.

Whether the Judiciary shall contain, or be involved, in politics, or whether or not it should contemplate, or be affected by, political considerations in adjudication, has been firmly decided by the Constitution and our legal guidelines in favour of insulation via provisions on the independence of the Judiciary – the unelected department of presidency whose standard of action is the rule of law somewhat than the basic public pulse. Even whether it is unsound, any change will have to be effected via respectable channels – through the sovereignty that may change the Constitution, to the extent that the Judiciary’s and the Ombudsman’s independence and the exercise of judicial discretion are involved click to investigate, and thru the Congress of the Philippines, with respect to other improvements that do not require constitutional changes. The Constitution has given the country a well-laid out and balanced division of powers, distributed among the legislative, executive and judicial branches, with specifically established workplaces geared to accomplish particular aims to strengthen the entire constitutional construction. Viewed from the above perspectives, what becomes plainly evident is an EO that, as a means of preventing graft and corruption, will successfully and prejudicially affect the parties inter-acting with the Truth Commission.

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No. 1 has not, as but, been given any room for utility, since barely a few days from its issuance, it was subjected to a constitutional problem. We can not permit the furor generated by this controversy over the creation of the Truth Commission to be an excuse to use the strict scrutiny take a look at, there being no foundation for a facial challenge, nor for an "as-applied" problem. In nice, it’s my submission that the Truth Commission is a public workplace validly created by the President of the Philippines beneath authority of law, as an adjunct of the Office of the President — to which the President has validly delegated the fact-finding and investigatory powers which he had chosen to personally assume. Further, it is the product of the President’s train of the ability to reorganize the Office of the President granted under the Administrative Code. As beforehand discussed, the President’s energy of control, along side his constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the legal guidelines, permits his direct assumption of the powers and capabilities of executive departments, bureaus and places of work.21 To repeat, the overarching framework in the President’s power of control allows him to imagine immediately the functions of an executive division. [newline]On the macro stage, the President exercises his power of control by immediately assuming all of the functions of govt departments, bureaus or places of work. On the micro degree, the President could immediately assume sure or particular, not all, functions of a Department.

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There is then a palpable relation between the supposed classification and the articulated function of the challenged government order. The first sentence of the law is an specific grant to the President of a unbroken authority to reorganize the executive structure of the Office of the President. The succeeding numbered paragraphs usually are not in the nature of provisos that unduly restrict the purpose and scope of the grant to the President of the ability to reorganize however are to be considered in consonance therewith. The President’s power of control is derived directly from the Constitution and not from any implementing laws.9 On the other hand, the ability to take care that the legal guidelines be faithfully executed makes the President a dominant determine in the administration of the federal government. The legislation he’s imagined to enforce consists of the Constitution itself, statutes, judicial choices, administrative rules and regulations and municipal ordinances, in addition to the treaties entered into by our government.10 At almost each cusp of executive energy is the President’s power of management and his constitutional obligation to ensure the trustworthy execution of the laws. I agree with the ponencia that the President of the Philippines can create an advert hoc investigative body.