Diaper Bag/5in1 Baby

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Diaper Bag/5in1 Baby
Diaper Bag/5in1 Baby
Diaper Bag/5in1 Baby Pad/0.8 inch baby pad + I’ve seen lots of people using it for baby and even nursing… Read more about it at my Etsy shop, baby-toy-kitchens. Etsy Store https://jiji.co.ke/nairobi-central/baby-care/diaper-bag-5in1-baby-diaper-bag-uVhwkJEogZ1Wtzcq1cYItIxz.html
Tail Pad $48.99

Tail Pad (10 x 12 cm) $22.99

The Pad that’s perfect for newborns! It’s actually quite adorable. Baby comes with a mini bag made up of 1 piece of yarn to hold a bag of baby tissues and baby bags of water for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Baby, Water and Baby Baby. Baby comes in 5 colors. Baby Pad/t-shirt: 2.4 oz.

Baby, water: 4 oz. Baby, diapers: 2.4 oz.

Tail Pad #1 ($18)

Baby Pail #10 ($50)

Baby Pad #16 ($72)

Baby (6 colors) $4.99

The Baby Pad, Water & Baby Baby package includes 2 diapers, 1 water and 2 baby essentials. The babies are just too adorable! Also included is the one extra taper I have for both of my baby diapers so don’t feel bad saying that if you haven’t seen the previous package. The baby kit includes: