2008 volkswagen passat

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2008 volkswagen passat
2008 volkswagen passat

(Photo: German Fuel Line)

Molten oil

The idea was to replace petrol by using some of the finest mineral salts in the world.

But with the current demand, there is a huge amount of water in the tank. As an added advantage, it means that the petrol engine can supply more fuel than the petrol that is being stored in the tank at the moment. The problem has been that there are now some gas pumps in the country that pump this water rather than the old old diesel system.

The result is that while the new system still looks something like the old petrol engine, it is less fuel efficient and has an almost too high level of corrosion.

L’opole, a group of researchers working on improving the efficiency of the petrol engine have produced a 3D model of the fuel system they have developed.

They found that since the tanks hold the majority of the water that is needed to warm the exhaust, most of the water is contained within two separate parts which contribute to the corrosion.